Inquisitive, open-minded and unstoppable: You can't stop a voyager - they are always on the move. And due to the round, fine shape and the light weight, this frame is the perfect travel buddy.
Qualité premium

Verres solaires

Nonreflective transparency
Prevents bothersome glare
Robust surface
Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust
Individually ground and coated
Corrective, polarised or mirrored lenses
Best UV protection
Filters out dangerous radiation and protects against glare
Verres solaires
Qualité hors-pair


Extrêmement Léger
Léger comme une plume et remarquablement solide
Fabriqué à la main au Japon
en 200 étapes
Confort inégalable
Confortable et anallergénique