3D Archetypes

Resource-efficiently manufactured, ultralight and individually configurable – in all VIU stores.

Innovative and resource-saving 3D printing meets high-quality beta titanium from Japan in the Archetypes collection. Choose among nine colours, seven different frames and four sizes, and combine your favourites with stylish beta titanium temples or polyamide frames in matching colours – including corrective lenses from 325€.

Five steps for more individuality

Visit us in one of our VIU stores and collaborate with our staff to configure your customised eyewear from the 3D-printed Archetypes collection.

Choose your favourite model.
Together we determine the width of your glasses.
Decide on the material of the temples.
Choose your favourite colour.
Get advice on the right lenses.

How are the glasses made?
Where are the glasses manufactured?
What are the advantages of 3D-printed glasses?
How can I configure my personal pair of glasses?
Is the Archetypes collection sustainable?
Which lenses can I have inserted into the frames?