Aviator Attitude – THE ECCENTRIC captures the unconventional spirit of freedom, defined by the iconic Aviator silhouette that transcends boundaries and celebrates individuality. This unisex pair of glasses, crafted from high-quality Italian acetate with a wide fit, effortlessly combines comfort and charisma, making it an essential accessory for those who dare to be different.
Premium Quality

Corrective Lenses

Nonreflective transparency
Prevents bothersome glare, for example, during video calls
Robust surface
Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust
Individually ground and coated
Single or multifocal lenses, premium blue light filters, and more
UV protection
Filters out dangerous radiation and protects the eyes

Acetate Renew

96% sustainable components
Made from certified recycled material, bio-based cellulose and biological plasticisers
Molecular recycling
Hard-to-recycle plastics are recycled through a revolutionary process
Reduced CO2 emissions
One third lower carbon footprint compared to traditional acetate
Acetate Renew