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Blue light filter glasses

Give your eyes a break: protect your eyes and eliminate pesky reflections on the lenses with our VIU premium blue light filter.

Glasses with blue light filter: your advantages

In the course of digitalisation and in times of digital work, we spend many hours a day staring at the screens of our laptops, tablets and smartphones. The blue light from these screens can tire the eyes and irritate them. Blue light filter glasses can noticeably relieve eyestrain. A blue light filter is not only for people who wear glasses with prescription lenses. Even if your eyesight is unimpaired, blue light filter glasses can lead to the following positive effects:

Perceptible relaxation of the eyes
Fewer headaches
Improvements in the quality and quantity of sleep
Better concentration and increased productivity

The additional eye protection and comfort provided by a blue light filter in the lens can lead to an improved feeling of general well-being. Especially if you spend a lot of time in front of screens, your eyes need extra protection. Blue light glasses can help your eyes relax without having to sacrifice the premium quality of our VIU lenses.


The VIU premium blue light filter combines our high-quality, maximally antireflective lenses with an innovative blue light filter that filters blue light from digital devices without compromising aesthetics or appearance.

Blue light glasses: your options

To optimally protect your eyes in accord with your individual needs, you can choose from several options at VIU:

VIU Premium Coating

UV rays that strike the surface of the glass are blocked from penetrating. This protects the eye from the harmful rays and simultaneously eliminates residual reflections on the surface of the glass.

VIU Blue Light Filter

When the beam of light from a digital device strikes a lens equipped with the VIU blue light filter, the lens automatically filters out the blue-violet rays from the beam. This reduces the intensity of the harmful radiation that penetrates the lens and reaches the eye.

VIU Premium Blue Light Filter

The combination of our premium coating and blue light filter offers the optimal and most aesthetically pleasing protection for the eyes – without annoying shimmer and residual reflections on the lens.

Find your frame now and add the VIU premium blue light filter as an upgrade to your lenses (with or without prescription) for an extra 65 euros. The blue filter can be combined with all our optical glasses – regardless of their material and colour.

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Blue light: more information

Are you thinking about having a blue light filter added to your lenses? Here you’ll find everything you need to know about blue light: How blue light filter glasses work, special features of the VIU Premium blue light filter, prices, and more.

What is blue light?

Sunlight contains variously coloured types of light (red, orange, yellow, green and blue) with different energies and wavelengths. This coloured light rays in this spectrum combine to produce sunlight, which appears to us as visible sunlight or so-called “white light”, which covers a spectrum of wavelengths from approximately 380 to 750 nm. Blue light, on the other hand, is a part of the light spectrum with short wavelengths (380 nm to 500 nm) and high energy. Specialists call it High Energy Visible Light or simply HEV light. Blue light occurs in natural sunlight, but also in artificial light emitted by screens, for example.

Potentially harmful blue-violet radiation has wavelengths between 400 nm and 455 nm and is accordingly short-wave. It is in this range that the eye is most at risk. Our new VIU premium blue light filter reduces light transmission in this range by up to 45%. However, blue light is not only dangerous for our eyes: it also regulates our bio-rhythm by suppressing formation of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter glasses: How they work

Just as sunglasses protect our eyes from UV light, glasses with blue light filters offer protection from blue light. The special composition of the lens filters out most of the short-wave blue-violet radiation emitted by screens. This prevents an excessive amount of blue light and its potentially harmful radiation from reaching the eye. Incidentally: glasses with blue light filters also make sense for a person who doesn’t ordinarily wear eyeglasses because the eyewear combines the positive effects of the filter with the style factor of fashionable frames (without prescription lenses). Even if you wear contact lenses, you should think about switching to prescription eyeglasses with a blue light filter – because only then are your eyes optimally protected.

Blue Light Filter
We are exposed to blue light from digital screens around the clock.
The problem with too much blue light is that our eyes cannot process it easily.
Eyewear with blue light filters provides protection against blue light.

VIU premium blue light filter: functionality meets aesthetics

Regular blue light filter lenses protect the eyes against short-wave HEV light, but also have a shimmery residual reflection. We at VIU have succeeded in eliminating this shimmer with our new coating technology. Our VIU premium blue light filter is an innovative lens and embodies the premium version of the regular blue light filter. The difference: no annoying residual reflections on the lens. These high-quality lenses are made by our Swiss manufacturer Optiswiss and can be added as a low-cost upgrade when you buy your VIU glasses (with or without prescription lenses). With the fusion of premium lens and innovative blue light filter, our VIU premium blue light filter enables you to relieve eyestrain and also look good – without compromising on aesthetics.

Blue Light Filter Glasses FAQ
Blue Light Filter Glasses FAQ
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I already have VIU glasses. Can I retrofit them with the blue light filter?
Can I also buy blue light filter glasses without prescription lenses?
Are there also sunglasses with blue light filters?

Blue Light Filter

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