Work Place Glasses / Computer Glasses

Workplace Glasses & Computer Glasses

Creating Excel spreadsheets, preparing presentations for an upcoming meeting, answering emails or browsing the internet: most of us spend a large part of our everyday lives in front of a screen. But it is not only the close-up range that needs to be clearly visible in everyday working life: we also need to focus well at medium distances, for example, to clearly see our colleague at the desk across from ours.

If you don’t want your life in the office to be a vague blur, then you need glasses that let you see with perfectly sharp clarity at both close and medium distances. Workplace glasses (also known as computer glasses, screen glasses and screen-workplace glasses) are ideal for this.


Wearing VIU workplace & computer glasses has the following advantages:

Optimal focus
Comfortable vision at close and medium distances
Less tension
A more relaxed posture for better concentration
Relief for the eyes
Accommodation spasms are prevented thanks to the special lenses
Computer Glasses
Computer Glasses

What are workplace glasses?

Workplace glasses are multifocal eyeglasses: the lenses prioritise the near and midrange vision zones. Consequently, they differ from reading glasses in that they not only provide sharp vision at close range, but also for intermediate distances. Within a range of 30 cm to 1 or 2 m from the eye, workplace glasses ensure harmonious and comfortable vision, better concentration and a more relaxed posture – so you can work more efficiently.

Workplace glasses: a sensible investment for everyday digital life

In contrast to single-vision glasses (such as reading glasses, which only provide a pin-sharp image at a specific visual distance), workplace glasses are ideal for sharply and clearly seeing not only your screen and keyboard, but also your colleagues in the office. Workplace glasses comfortably cover all three important visual zones at the workplace: i.e. writing, working at the computer, and communicating with colleagues. Especially with increasing age, computer glasses make sense because the ability to accommodate (i.e. the eyes’ capacity to quickly adapt to different viewing distances) decreases as the years go by.

Free Eye Test

If you don’t know the current state of your eyesight, simply visit us in a VIU store and let our staff determine your visual acuity during a free eye test. This way, we can tell you exactly whether you need workplace glasses.

Eye Test
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Workplace Glasses FAQ
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