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Human vision deteriorates over the years – presbyopia is quite normal. Varifocals are the perfect solution for people who do not see optimally both near and far. Glasses with varifocal lenses compensate for reduced ability to focus at all distances, thus ensuring consistently sharp vision.

VIU progressive lenses

Different progressive lenses may be needed depending on the eye and its visual acuity. The choice of the optimal varifocal lens is very individual. That is why we offer three variants with different fields of vision: our Standard, Professional and Individual progressive lenses.

Seamless sharp vision and good spatial perception across all distances.
The slightly smaller peripheral zones ensure an even better viewing experience and a shorter adaptation time.
The Rolls-Royce of varifocal lenses. Optimal and relaxed vision in all zones. Hardly any limitations. Maximum comfort.

We always recommend choosing our Individual varifocal lenses. With them, you will discover a totally new level of visual comfort that will noticeably improve your quality of life and enable you to see the world with new eyes – and, of course, at the best price.
By the way: varifocal lenses are also available in a version with ultraviolet protection for your sunglasses.


What are varifocal eyeglasses?

Unlike simple corrective lenses, varifocals lenses are subdivided into different vision zones. The upper zone of the lens is ideal for distance vision, the lower zone for near vision, and the middle zone for objects at intermediate distances. As the name suggests, varifocals provide smooth transitions and continuously sharp vision at all distances. Thanks to the different vision zones, eyewear equipped with varifocal lenses can correct not only defective vision of distant objects, but also presbyopia, i.e. the inability to focus on nearby objects that usually begins between the ages of 40 to 50.

When do I need varifocals?

If you constantly need to switch between different pairs of eyeglasses for viewing nearby and distant objects, and if you are tired of constantly taking off one pair and putting on another, then it’s time for you to own a pair of VIU varifocal eyeglasses. With just one pair of glasses, you’ll cover all visual ranges and keep a sharp focus on everything – at every distance.

Free eye test

You will need to come in to one of our stores for an individual eye test so we can find the perfect varifocal lenses for you. But if you already have a prescription for varifocal lenses, then all you need to do is bring it to our opticians.

Eye Test
FAQ about varifocal eyeglasses
FAQ about varifocal eyeglasses
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VIU progressive lenses

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