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Free eye test

Our trained opticians will check your eyes and precisely measure your vision in nearly all of our VIU stores. This free service is equally suitable whether you already have simple corrective or varifocal glasses or simply want to have your eyesight evaluated. Your visual acuity will be measured in dioptres and is important for both corrective glasses and sunglasses.

High-quality, hygienic equipment
for simple corrective and special eyeglasses
Experienced master opticians
who take time to offer advice
90-day compatibility guarantee
on all corrective lenses

Your free eye test at VIU

Conveniently schedule your appointment online.

You can use our online booking tool to conveniently and easily choose a timeslot for your free eye test. You can also come into a VIU store for an eye test without an appointment, but we recommend that you schedule an appointment online in advance so you won’t have to wait.

Plan to spend 20 to 30 minutes in the store.

One of our opticians will be waiting for you punctually in your chosen VIU store and will take ample time to determine your current vision values.

What happens after my eye test?

You can choose a frame either immediately after your eye test or at a later date. Our trained staff will help you find the frame that suits you best.


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When should I have my vision tested?

We recommend that you have an eye test to check your eyes at least every two years in order to detect any potential visual impairment (usually short-sightedness or long-sightedness) at an early stage. A change in vision can make itself noticeable through various symptoms and should be checked by a qualified optician or ophthalmologist. If you become aware of potential signs such as headaches, we recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible to have your vision evaluated. Even if you have the feeling that your vision has deteriorated only at close range or when driving, for example, you ought to consider wearing eyeglasses.


We have put together a short checklist to help you determine whether you may have a visual impairment:

Do you have to squint or do you no longer see clearly?
Do you have to hold your mobile phone or book further away to read it?
Do you spend a lot of time at the computer or in front of other screens?
Do you have a headache every day or perhaps even feel dizzy?
Are your eyes tired, dry and irritated?
Do you already have eyeglasses but now feel that they are no longer right for you?
Eye Exam Room

How do I prepare for my eye test?

If you have an old eyeglass prescription and/or existing glasses, please bring them with you to your test. Your last measured vision values are noted in your eyeglass prescription. This enables us to determine how your vision has changed. 

Please do not wear soft contact lenses 12 hours before your appointment and do not wear hard lenses 24 hours before your appointment. Contact lenses influence the geometry of the cornea and thus affect your visual performance in the eye test, which can cause inaccuracies in our measurement of your eye test values. 

What happens at an eye test?

  1. The staff in our store will punctually welcome you for your appointment and accompany you to the separate eye-test room, where we can test your vision in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Our qualified opticians will use a combination of different professional measuring methods to precisely determine your vision values. If you wish, we can clarify which lenses are best for you in an individual analysis of specific needs.
  3. Immediately after your eye test (or on another day), you can get advice from the staff in our VIU stores to find out which frame best accentuates your character. We will be happy to advise you on your purchase.
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In which VIU stores can I have my vision tested?

We offer eye tests in selected VIU stores, where you can receive advice from our staff and have your eyesight checked by our trained and experienced opticians.

How can I schedule an eye test?
Can I get my eyes checked without an appointment?
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How long does an eye test take?
Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
Who is testing my eyesight?
Can I get an eye test done at every VIU Store?
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How old do I have to be to take an eye test at VIU?
Is VIU offering eye tests for driver's licenses?

Your eye test at VIU

We value precision and the health of your eyes.