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A good pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes from the sun, but also enhances your character. Nearly all VIU frames can also be configured as sunglasses, so you can choose from a wide variety of sunglass models at VIU. For the perfect view, you can choose between different lenses with or without correction.



Sunglasses from VIU: more than just accessories


Our frames are designed in Switzerland and handmade at selected factories in Japan and Italy. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality of materials and workmanship and to offer you sunglasses that are more than just fashionable accessories. It is also important to us that you can buy your sunglasses at a fair price – either online or in one of our VIU stores.



The right sunglasses for every character


Are you looking for a fashion statement or an indispensable companion for daily life? Whatever your character, you’ll find the right sunglasses for every need at VIU.


You can use the filters on this page to narrow down your selection. For example, you can begin by deciding which material you want your new sunglasses to be made of. Acetate is ideal for sunglasses because acetate frames can be easily shaped and coloured. We use this versatile material to make both classic frames and expressive statement sunglasses. Acetate sunglasses are simultaneously lightweight, sturdy and flexible.


If you already know which frame shape you want your new sunglasses to have, then you can also filter by frame shape and discover our round, square, cat-eye or aviator sunglasses, for example. To find out which shape best suits your face shape, check out our Frame Guide or filter directly by face shape here on this page.


We add special editions in limited colours and styles to our selection of sunglasses every year. Check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of our sunglass trends.



Optimal UV protection


No pair of sunglasses is perfect until it has the right lenses. No matter whether the lenses are corrective or non-corrective, the best UV protection is always our top priority. You can rely on all VIU sunglass lenses to protect your eyes 100% from UV rays. Our lenses filter the light and simultaneously prevent your eyes from being dazzled by the sun’s glare.


Polarised sunglass lenses are also becoming increasingly popular because they further improve your vision by reducing glare and enhancing contrast. Polarised lenses are ideal, for example, if you often drive in traffic. They are also indispensable for playing certain types of sports. On the other hand, coloured or mirrored sunglass lenses are a purely aesthetic feature. You can use them to give your sunglasses an individualistic touch, while still benefitting from the greatest UV protection.



Buy sunglasses online


Have you found a pair of sunglasses that perfectly suits you and your character? Then you can order them conveniently online here and have them delivered free of charge to the address of your choice within a few days. You can choose the matching lenses in the ordering process. And did you know that you can take advantage of our a 30-day return policy and cost-free return shipping?


If you want to buy sunglasses with corrective lenses, then we need to know the strength of your lenses. If you are not sure about your vision values or if it has been a while since your last eye test, we can determine your current vision values for you. Simply schedule an appointment for an eye test, which we offer at selected VIU stores.

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