Acetate Renew

Acetate Renew

Conscious design. Sustainable material. Responsible production.

A big step towards a more sustainable future.

On our journey to an even more responsible use of limited resources, we are now launching the most sustainable VIU eyewear ever: our new RE collection made with Eastman Acetate Renew.

Acetate Renew

Acetate Renew – 96% sustainable

Eastman Acetate Renew is predominantly organically based and made from certified sustainable cellulose and recycled plastics instead of conventional fossil-fuel-based raw materials. Consisting almost entirely of organic and recycled components, this new material is identical in functionality and quality to traditional acetate, but much more environmentally friendly.

From good to even better
Acetate Renew
Acetate Renew

The Recycling Revolution

Molecular recycling is a revolutionary recycling technology that breaks down hard-to-recycle plastics into their molecular building blocks and converts them into a durable basic material. Together with organically based cellulose and organic plasticisers, this creates a uniquely sustainable material: Eastman Acetate Renew.

Recycling Revolution

Carbon footprint

Compared to using conventional acetate, we can reduce the carbon footprint of each manufactured frame by as much as one third.

What is Acetate Renew?
Are there differences between traditional acetate and Acetate Renew?
Where does the recycled material in Acetate Renew come from?
Some eyewear brands are likewise already using Acetate Renew. What is special about VIU?
How can I recognise eyewear made from Acetate Renew?

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