Cleaning of glasses

Free eyewear fitting and cleaning

Do your glasses no longer fit you properly? Or you would like to have them cleaned free of charge?

Visit us at a VIU store near you, where our staff will professionally fit and clean your glasses. No appointment is necessary. And needless to say, the service is free of charge.

To keep your glasses looking brand new for as long as possible, you should know a few tips and tricks about caring for your eyewear at home.

For optimal cleaning results on the go, use the VIU Cleaning Kit or the VIU Cleaning Spray. The Recycled Leather Case, which is made from recycled, 100% biodegradable leather scraps, keeps your eyewear safe, while The Cord provides additional security and protects your glasses from accidental falls.

Three steps to a clear view
Step 1

Briefly hold your glasses under lukewarm running water for optimal cleaning and to remove larger dust particles.

Step 2

Spray the front and back surface of each lens with VIU Spray.

Step 3

Use the special microfibre lens cleaning cloth to clean your lenses without streaks.

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More tips & tricks

Regular cleaning of your glasses protects them against stubborn dirt on the lenses and in the frame rims. We recommend a free cleaning of your VIU eyewear at your local VIU Store. Our staff will clean your glasses professionally in an ultrasonic bath.

Also, follow these tips to lengthen the life of your glasses.

To prevent deformation or cracks in the frames, don’t leave your glasses inside a hot case or hot car.
To avoid scratches, don’t place your eyewear on a surface with the lenses facing down.
Don’t use clothing to clean your glasses – use a microfibre eyewear-cleaning cloth instead.
Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents, which can damage the lenses’ coating and the frame’s surfaces.

If you have any questions about correctly caring for your eyewear, we’re always available to help you in our stores.