Looking for those sunglasses that’ll make people stop and stare? Our 70s inspired The Foxy is the one. It’s lightweight, super durable titanium, and hand-crafted through 200 steps in Japan. And the gently swooping design comes in both Bordeaux Matt and Star Gold Shiny for extra retro glam.
Premium Quality

Corrective Lenses

Nonreflective transparency
Prevents bothersome glare, for example, during video calls
Robust surface
Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust
Individually ground and coated
Single or multifocal lenses, premium blue light filters, and more
UV protection
Filters out dangerous radiation and protects the eyes
High-quality Material


Extremely lightweight
Light as a feather and extremely sturdy
Handmade in Japan
In over 200 steps
Optimal wearing comfort
Comfortable and allergen-free