THE GENEROUS: A masculine and boxy frame with prominent nose bridge detail and flat top line shape. Modern and strong, and unlike any other VIU design. Handmade in Italy, crafted from premium acetate. Available in Shiny Tortoise and Shiny Ice Transparent.
Premium Quality

Corrective Lenses

Nonreflective transparency
Prevents bothersome glare, for example, during video calls
Robust surface
Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust
Individually ground and coated
Single or multifocal lenses, premium blue light filters, and more
UV protection
Filters out dangerous radiation and protects the eyes
High-Quality Material


Flexible and sturdy
High-quality, shape-retaining plastic made from cellulose
Very comfortable to wear
Lightweight and durable
Handmade in Italy
Crafted by hand in 80 steps