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Eye test in focus

You don't have a clear image yet? Here you will find all information about your personal eye test at VIU.

Do you need an eye test?

Whether working at your computer or driving in traffic, you should always be able to keep your focus on what’s important. That’s why it’s important to have your eyes professionally checked by a trained optician every two years. Here’s a little checklist to help you determine if you might have vision problems. 

Do you squint and have trouble focusing on details?
Do you have to hold your mobile phone or book further away to read it?
Do you spend more time in front of your computer than outdoors in the fresh air?
Do your eyes feel dry? Do they burn or itch? Do they feel uncomfortable in some other way?
Do you experience headaches or dizziness every day?
Do your eyes get tired quickly?
Are you unable to see clearly at night, especially when driving?
Do you have the feeling that your eyeglasses no longer suit your current vision?
Have you lost or broken your glasses?

How to prepare your appointment?


If you have an old eyeglass prescription and/or existing glasses, please bring them with you to your test. Your last measured vision values are noted in your eyeglass prescription. This enables us to determine how your vision has changed. 


Please do not wear soft contact lenses 12 hours before your appointment and do not wear hard lenses 24 hours before your appointment. Contact lenses influence the geometry of the cornea and thus affect your visual performance in the eye test, which can cause inaccuracies in our measurement of your eye test values. 

How does the eye test take place?

Punctually on the time for your appointment, our staff will welcome you to the store and accompany you to the separate eye test room, where the relaxing atmosphere helps us to concentrate on you as we begin testing your eyes.

Our well-trained opticians use a combination of professional measuring methods to precisely determine your vision values. If you wish, we can analyse your individual needs to decide which eyeglasses – with simple corrective lenses or progressive lenses – best suit your requirements.

Immediately after the eye test or at a later date, the staff in all our VIU stores will be happy to help you discover the frame that best accentuates your character. 


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Where can I have my eyes tested?

We offer eye tests in selected VIU stores, where you can get advice from our staff and have your eyesight checked by our trained and experienced opticians.

How can I schedule an eye test?
Can I get my eyes checked without an appointment?
What do I have to consider before my eye test?
How long does an eye test take?
Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
Who is testing my eyesight?
Can I get an eye test done at every VIU Store?
How much does an eye test cost?
How old do I have to be to take an eye test at VIU?
Is VIU offering eye tests for driver's licenses?

Your eye test at VIU

We value precision and the health of your eyes.