Majestically understated: with clear lines, a large angular silhouette and an unostentatious look, this acetate frame guarantees an unforgettable appearance when the sunny weather is fit for a king. This elegant model is available in the colours Chardonnay Shiny, Cherrywood Shiny and Black Shiny.
Premium Quality

Sunglass Lenses

Nonreflective transparency
Prevents bothersome glare
Robust Surface
Perfectly protected against scratches; repels water and dust
Individually ground and coated
Corrective, polarised or mirrored lenses
Best UV protection
Filters out dangerous radiation and protects against glare
Lenses for Sunglasses


Very comfortable to wear
Lightweight and durable
Classic Acetate
High-quality, shape retaining plastic made from cellulose
Acetate Renew
Made from 96% sustainable content. These models are labelled as "sustainable".