Opticians in Vienna

Opticians in Vienna

Vienna is characterised by rich cultural diversity and impressive architecture. Austria’s capital city is home to three VIU stores. At all VIU stores in Vienna, you’ll not only find our complete eyewear collection, but can also take advantage of our professional eyewear and optician services.

Optician Neubaugasse

Optician NeubaugasseOptician Neubaugasse

Optician 1. Bezirk

Optician 1. BezirkOptician 1. Bezirk

Optician Währing

Optician WähringOptician Währing

You’ll not only find our eyewear collection in our stores, but you can also take advantage of our convenient services.

Free eye test
Our experienced opticians will gladly determine your current vision values. It’s quick and easy to schedule your appointment online.
Individual style consultation
Come to our store for a free consultation. Our employees are specially trained to help you find the perfect frame for you.
Adjustments & cleaning
You already have a pair of glasses, but they pinch or don’t fit well? We’ll adjust and cleanse your VIU glasses so they fit you perfectly and are optimally clean.

It’s easy to go online and schedule an appointment for your free professional eye test. Simply choose a VIU store near you and select the time that suits you best from the available slots. In approximately half an hour, our opticians will measure your current vision values and determine whether you need corrective lenses. VIU is also the right place for you if you simply want to make a fashion statement with your eyewear.

Eyewear stores in Vienna

Historical charm meets modern elegance in Vienna, where stylish boulevards and charming side streets are lined by a wide variety of shops, including numerous opticians and eyewear stores. If you are looking for high-quality, handmade and personalised eyeglasses, then VIU eyewear is the right choice for you. In addition to prescription and non-prescription lenses, we also carry sunglasses for women and men of all ages. VIU also offers you the opportunity to customise your new glasses even further via a special 3D-printing processes. Produced in a resource-saving way, our 3D-printed glasses can be customised and configured at all our stores in Vienna.

We also offer eyeglasses with special lenses and coatings, such as varifocals or blue light filter glasses. You can find out more about our VIU lenses online in our Lens Guide or get advice in-store from our trained team. Our conveniently long opening hours offer you plenty of opportunities to visit one of our stores in Vienna.

Opticians Munich
Opticians Munich

Our VIU stores in Vienna

Our Swiss company is represented in the first, seventh and eighteenth districts of the Austrian capital.

Our store on Neubaugasse in the seventh district has been open since 2016. It was followed one year later by the VIU store on Bauernmarkt and afterwards by our store in the Währing district. The shop on Neubaugasse spans two floors and – like all our stores – has a minimalist interior design. Vienna’s seventh district is known for its lively neighbourhoods with numerous shops, restaurants and cultural institutions.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Bauernmarkt shopping street, our store offers you a beautiful selection of eyewear in Swiss design. Our Bauernmarkt store is just a three-minute walk from famous Stephansplatz. It is located in Vienna’s first district, the city centre. You can easily get there via public transport such as the underground, bus or tram. With approximately 60m² of floor space, this is not one of our largest stores, but its spacious shop window is a real eye-catcher.

The shop on Währinger Strasse is our newest VIU store in Vienna. It has nearly 200m² of floor space and a glazed front with fourteen shop windows. We share the store’s space with the sustainable fashion brand The Slow Label. All VIU stores have a timeless aesthetic and feature handsome wooden accents crafted from natural oak.

Our optician services in Vienna

Each VIU store has a pleasant atmosphere. We usually offer our professional optician services in a separate area, typically toward the rear of the store. We place great importance on high-quality eyewear: each pair of VIU glasses is designed in Switzerland and then handmade in over eighty individual steps by the artisans at a family-run manufactory in the Italian Dolomites. That’s why we want your glasses to always fit optimally and be perfectly clean.


How many VIU stores are there in Vienna?

There are three VIU stores in Vienna: one in the first, another in the seventh and a third in the eighteenth district. All our stores are strategically located and offer our entire collection of eyewear.


Which opticians in Vienna offer a free eye test?

A professional eye test is essential to find the right glasses. If you would like to know exactly what happens during an eye test at VIU, you can find out more here. Find a store near you, schedule an appointment quickly and easily online and visit us in beautiful Vienna.