Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

A cosy spot, a cup of tea or coffee, and a good book: that’s all you really need for perfect reading pleasure – unless you have to stretch your arms further and further into the distance so the jumble of letters forms meaningful words. If this situation sounds familiar, then it’s high time for you to get a pair of reading glasses, i.e. eyeglasses for viewing objects at close range.

VIU reading glasses

We want nothing to stand between you and the perfect reading experience. Our individualised reading lenses, which we optimally adapt to suit your needs, give you the perfect view in the close-up range (30 to 50 cm).

Quality lenses
High-quality lenses from Germany and Switzerland
Large selection
Over 70 different models can be configured
Fair price
Everything from a single source – no middlemen
Reading Glasses
Reading Glasses

When do I need reading glasses?

The question of when or at what age you first need eyeglasses for reading cannot be answered in general, but as a rule, glasses with lenses for the close-up range become necessary starting around age 40. This is because the eyes become less efficient with increasing age, so letters in particular become difficult to recognise. Presbyopia is another reason why reading without glasses becomes increasingly difficult.

Free Eye Test

What strength of reading glasses do you need? We at VIU can answer that question for you. Simply visit us in a VIU store and let our staff determine your current vision values during a free eye test. This way you can find out if you need reading glasses and, if so, what strength they should be.

Eye Test
Reading Glasses FAQ
Reading Glasses FAQ
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