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Our everyday lives have changed drastically in recent years: We spend more and more time with digital devices. This means that our eyes must remain focussed on the near field for many hours. But human eyes evolved for sharp vision in medium and long distances. Constantly focusing in the near range – so-called “accommodation” – often strains the eye muscles. The consequences are tired and burning eyes, headaches or tension. We have the perfect solution for this problem: our VIU Relax lenses.

What are Relax glasses?

Whether the device is a smartphone, laptop or TV, it’s difficult to imagine everyday life without digital companions. But digitisation has drastically changed the work for our eyes. Glasses with Relax lenses support your eyes with a slight increase in the strength of the lower part of the lens for focussing on nearby objects. Relax lenses are single vision lenses with a slight close-range addition in the lower section of the lens. This reduces eyestrain at close range and enables you to see better at all distances. Relax lenses are also called wellness lenses because the eyes can relax thanks to these special lenses. These single vision lenses (with 0.25 to 0.75 dioptres) are the ideal companions for a multimedia everyday life. This eyewear reduces eyestrain.

Relax Lenses
Relax Lenses

Glasses with close-up support: noticeable relief for the eyes

Relax lenses are single vision lenses with a slight addition in the lower part of each lens to assist the eye when viewing objects at close range. This reduces eyestrain, especially at close range (e.g. when looking at a laptop or other screens). Relax glasses thus guarantee better vision at all distances, as the eyes are simply more relaxed.

When do I need glasses with Relax lenses?

If your eyes get cramped from constantly focussing on the close-up range, you should think about getting a pair of Relax glasses. Generally speaking, if you view digital devices for the majority of your day, then Relax lenses would be a good idea for you. As a rule, the relief to your eyes at close range is most noticeable beginning at the age of 30, but also for teenagers and young adults who spend many hours each day on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Glasses with Relax lenses offer the perfect support for the close-up range or, more generally, for everyday digital life.

Free eye test

In order for us to find the perfect VIU Relax lenses for you, you will need to provide us with an up-to-date assessment of your visual acuity. Please bring your prescription or simply use our booking system to make an appointment at one of our selected stores.

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Relax Glasses FAQ
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