With love for every detail

Selected manufactories, high-quality materials and personal relationships.

All our frames are manufactured in selected eyewear factories and handmade in our own workshops. In addition to the use of high-quality materials, cultivating a close relationship with our producers is particularly important to us – because the best quality requires both skilful craftsmanship and the deepest trust.


From the first sketch to the finished product, our eyewear is designed at our design lab in Zurich, produced in selected manufactories, handcrafted in our workshops, and sold in our VIU stores and our online shop. This direct distribution channel enables us to avoid unnecessary costs and offer the best quality eyewear at a very fair price.

Acetate & Acetate Renew

Handmade in the most beautiful surroundings

Both our acetate and our sustainable Acetate Renew models are manufactured by Italian family businesses in the Dolomites. The artisans there use traditional craftsmanship to craft these frames with the utmost precision from high-quality materials.

Titanium & Beta-Titanium

Metalsmith’s art from the Far East

To keep distances as short as possible and to guarantee the best quality, our titanium models are manufactured where the high-quality raw material and the leading manufacturers are located: Japan and South Korea. Thanks to the many years of expertise of the master metalsmiths there, each frame combines precision, aesthetics and unique quality.

3D printing

Innovations from the latest technology

We are setting new standards for 3D printed eyewear in close co-operation with one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of 3D printing. High-quality polyamide powder serves as the basis for unique designs. Each pair of glasses is customised to create visual statement of cutting-edge technology in the service of personal style.

3D Print

We know our manufacturers

Personal relationships with our producers are particularly important to us. We take our producers along with us on our journey toward greater sustainability – and we experience unforgettable moments together.