The Slow Label


Essential. Timeless. Sustainable.

Take it easy and let the good things last: set a stylish example for conscious consumption, sustainable style awareness and slow fashion with the two sunglasses THE CASUAL and THE COMMITTED of the VIU x The Slow Label Collection. Both are made of innovative Acetate Renew.

Committed. Casual.

The limited-edition sunglasses of the collaboration between VIU and The Slow Label embody the vision for sustainable and conscious consumption that VIU and The Slow Label share. Inspired by the two brands’ timeless yet versatile approach to design, the frames are truly “essentials for a timeless wardrobe.” Make a statement for slow fashion and sustainable style consciousness by wearing these frames, which are manufactured from innovative Acetate Renew.


“VIU and The Slow Label share many common values, including timeless design, transparency and sustainability”, says VIU’s Creative Director Fabrice Aeberhard.

The Slow Label
The Slow Label

The Slow Label

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for The Slow Fashion Label, whose founder Anna-Laura Amenta is committed to making a difference with her brand, which uses nothing but sustainable materials and works exclusively with ethical suppliers. With timeless and versatile collections, The Slow Label advocates conscious consumption and positive change in the fashion industry. This label invites consumers to slow down and appreciate the things they have, while reflecting their personalities in a sustainable way.


“Sustainability is at the core of The Slow Label. It’s not just a word: it’s the driving force behind everything we do.” says Anna-Laura Amenta, founder of The Slow Label.

The Slow Label

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