Premium Coatings

Premium coatings

High quality is standard at VIU. That’s why our basic lenses come with a high-quality super-antireflective coating at no extra charge. Opting for one of our premium coatings also enables you to enhance your lenses with an individualized finishing touch. These coatings enhance your clear vision by making your lenses nearly invisible while simultaneously protecting the lenses against dirt, scratches and dust.

Premium Blue Light Filter

The blue light from computer screens and other LED displays can make your eyes feel tired and irritated. VIU’s Premium Blue Light Filter filters out blue wavelengths without causing pesky reflections on your lenses.
Premium Blue Light Filter

Premium antireflective

Our best protection for eyeglass lenses ensures that they are optimally transparent and therefore nearly invisible to you. In addition, our premium antireflective coating protects your eyes against ultraviolet light while simultaneously making your lenses more resistant to external influences and protecting them against dirt, dust and smearing.
Premium antireflective

Women's Glasses

Men's Glasses

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VIU eyewear is much more than just well-designed frames. They also give you wonderful new perspectives – but only when they’re equipped with lenses that perfectly meet your needs and match your personal style. We look forward to your visit to one of our VIU stores, where we’ll be happy to advise you on finding the perfect lenses for you and your individual needs.
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