Give your old sunglasses a second life.

Does this sound familiar? You have an old pair of sunglasses that you no longer wear and that are just lying around unused.

VIU collects these old sunglasses, no matter what brand, for “Shades of Love”.


Shades of Love is a non-profit organisation that distributes used sunglasses to people who need them in remote areas in the Himalayas and the Andes. Because it is precisely in these highlands, at altitudes between 2,500 and 6,500 metres above sea level, that ultraviolet radiation is particularly harmful – and eye protection is all the more important. 

Make your contribution

Search through your collection of eyeglasses
Do you have a pair of sunglasses you don’t wear anymore and would like to donate? (All brands are welcome.)
Drop off your donation at a VIU store
Find a VIU store near you: our VIU team will gladly receive your sunglasses there. Currently, customers in Germany and Austria can take part in this campaign.
Give your old sunglasses a new life
At regular intervals, we give our collected sunglasses to Shades of Love, which takes them and distributes them on their next trip to the Himalayas or Andes.

Let’s do something good together. Find a VIU store near you (in Germany or Austria) and donate your old sunglasses there.

Do a good deed with sunglasses?

Unfortunately, a large proportion of the people who live in the high mountains suffer eye damage due to intense ultraviolet radiation. This causes reduced vision and increases the risk of eye infections and even total blindness. For the local people, poorer eyesight also means less access to education through reading and, in some cases, even inability to work. The solution is simple: sunglasses with high-quality UV protection. But these sunglasses are expensive and usually unavailable in such remote regions. This is where Shades of Love and you can make a difference.


Since the beginning, Shades of Love has distributed sunglasses to more than 460,000 people and is continuously working on further projects in the Himalayas, the Andes and soon on a project in the Arctic.

Responsibility as a philosophy
Sustainable action and responsible production are the core of our corporate philosophy. We are highly committed to innovation and continuous improvement.