Scandi Avant-Garde

To celebrate women’s self-esteem, VIU and House of Dagmar have created two icons of Swedish femininity from high-quality cotton acetate. The transparent, sustainable manufacturing methods that characterize both companies make them genuine role models. 

Endless Midsommar days in Sweden

Inspiration and greatness of character are inherent in this eyewear’s namesakes: THE GRETA and THE INGRID manifest their special Nordic identity in every detail. These two models love the sun as much as the spotlight. They are perfect for women who know very well which gender is truly the strong one.

House of Dagmar 1
House of Dagmar 2

Swedish summer

In this collaboration Fabrice Aeberhard, (co-founder and creative director of VIU) and Kristina Tjäder (founder and creative director of House of Dagmar) created the models The Greta and The INGRID. These frames combine VIU's precision and love of design with House of Dagmar's philosophy of celebrating femininity as strength.

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