Limited. Unique. Doubly stylish.

Timeless design, interpreted in a modern way and handmade in Italy from the finest premium acetate: with the two sunglasses of the VIU X Kollektion Bellevue collaboration, you not only show self-confident style, but also prove that uniqueness is impressively beautiful.

Two classics. Interpreted in a modern way.

The VIU x Kollektion Bellevue collaboration contains a modern interpretation of two timeless classics. Handcrafted in the Italian Dolomites in more than 80 steps from high-quality acetate, these two sunglasses boast the highest quality as well as the Kollektion Bellevue's logo on the temple. They are also impressive thanks to exclusive colour accents in Forest Havana and Black Swan.

“VIU and NZZ Kollektion Bellevue stand for inspiring design, quality and responsibility. We are delighted to augment the NZZ shop’s product line with these collaboratively designed sunglasses.” Fabrice Aeberhard, Creative Director at VIU.

VIU x Kollektion Bellevue
VIU x Kollektion Bellevue

Kollektion Bellevue

Exceptional pieces that are unique in their field and thus make everyday life a bit more exclusive: that is the aim of the Kollektion Bellevue from NZZ. From high-quality jewellery to noble accessories and unique design objects, the collection comprises a unique selection of limited-edition pieces that set individual accents.  

“The Kollektion Bellevue creates special things for people who seek the unique with partners like VIU, who are pioneers in their field.” Meryem Riahi, head of the NZZ shop.

Kollektion Bellevue

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