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Mikko on Milos

Summer is what you make of it: that’s what the Finnish content creator and Vogue Scandinavian Gender Fluidity Expert Mikko Puttonen thought. With his favourite VIU sunglasses in his luggage, Mikko travels to the Greek island of Milos to soak up the sun.

Explore your summer
Island of Inspiration

Yellow, orange, red and dazzling white rock formations contrast with turquoise seawater. The volcanic soil of Milos provides an incredibly breathtaking backdrop. This is the perfect setting to showcase our sunglasses, gather unique inspirations and create unforgettably impressive memories.

Let yourself be inspired by Mikko’s favourite sunglasses and his impressions of the exotic Aegean island – and experience the summer exactly how you like it best.

Explore your Summer


Photos, art direction and styling:
Puttonen Ruska @puttonenruska

Mikko Puttonen @mikkoputtonen
Anna Nevala @annajnevala
Jessica Luostarinen @jessicaluost